Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Family- May 26th

Happy last week of May!

Seriously, the month has FLOWN by! This week I went to a book signing with the lovely author Rachel Hawkins who wrote the Hex Hall Series books. They are fun, light, darn witty & she is just the same! We've also spent a lot of the week getting the yard together. The kids have been a big help but I have forgotten how hard it is to get some types of work done with a little one running around too.
This next week is the last week of school and I can not wait to have the kiddos home with me! I'm going to have to work hard to keep some semblance of a schedule without a school schedule keeping us on-time-ish. But I think I have a good plan in place, plus we have bunches of random jaunts out of state to keep us busy this summer!

What do you guys do in the summer to keep some schedule? 
Any and all suggestions will be considered & tried!
Have a great week!

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Eva Lavelle said...

No Summer schedule as we're just about to hit Winter.....ho hum!
But just wanted to say that you are Syd are rocking those beautiful dresses! You both look gorgeous!!