Monday, June 17, 2013

Rob's Birthday Day!

This handsome fellow turned 6 this week! We took the day to celebrate him & all his coolness!

We ran some party planning errands & did some grocery shopping with one of his besties Robby.
We had sushi for lunch with Scott (which has become a Carter Child tradition) & spent a decent amount of time drawing awesome pictures (Rob's favorite activity)!
And then capped the day off with hours at the new Provo Rec Center swimming with a lovely group of friends.
All in all I think this special guy felt as loved & adored as he really is!


Kristal said...

How fun! And I can't believe how old he is getting... makes me feel like Matt and I have been married forever when I remember that he was born right before! Happy Birthday Berto Bear!

That rec center looks amazing. Much better than the old pool :)

April Carter said...

I agree with Kristal. Did you ever get to use the Pinata? I love those kids.

Misty said...

I love that your kids want sushi on their birthdays.

Smithy said...

aw - what a great day! wish we could've celebrated with you guys!

M said...

Hi will you come plan my next birthday? What a wonderful and handsome dude Rob is growing up to be!