Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Family- July 21st

 Hi Friends and Happy Sunday! 

It has been crazy, busy Sunday today! I was given a new calling at church that is fantastic, gets me involved, and I'll meet lots of the super great women in my church but I had all sorts of meetings & visits today that made it MADNESS! Also, the kids & I are off on a little trip this week and we are leaving SUPER early in the morning so we packed up today and got already so we can get on the road crazy early in the AM. It's going to be terrible but, you know what, it's going to be awesome too. I mean, just look at these cuties: 
I had someone ask about our Sunday Family pictures and how we do them. We have a couple rules here in the Carter house when it comes to Sunday Family pictures- 1) We take them RIGHT after church 2) We can only take 2 sets of 10 so if we mess up on all of them then too bad 3) Have fun!
For example our first set today looked like this:
TA-DA! Hope everyone has a fantastic week and wish me & the Carter children luck on this trip!


Esther Noelle said...

So cute!! You look amazing my friend. Seriously. Good luck on your trip!

Katie said...

Ahh, my comment messed up - so if suddenly my other comment appears, please forgive this repeat :o)

I am taking a trip with the kiddos this week too. My parents will be there to help, but 14 hrs in a car is still 14 hrs in a car. It'll be great :o)

I am with Ester, you look beautiful and happy.

Kristal said...

I love your family pictures and can't wait to see you guys! Good luck on the drive... it was bad enough when it was just me and Matt. but now I get so much more nervous with Natalie.

Sharon said...

What is your new calling? Have a great trip!

Misty said...

Your Sunday family pics always make me smile. The outtakes are awesome too.