Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Family Reunion- Aspen Grove

Aspen Grove is a "Family Camp" owned by my and Scott's alma mater- Brigham Young University. It's just up the mountain from us by Sundance Ski Resort and we had our Carter Family reunion up there.

What a fantastic place! You are up in the gorgeous mountains surrounded by woods and staying in these cute cabins and kind of roughing it but everything is taken care of. Activities, all the food, bedding in your cabins. Everything.
The kids had their own groups with their own activities during part of the day so the adults could do stuff. And let me tell you, we did stuff- a crazy scary ropes course up in the sky (I both cried because I was terrified and so proud of myself), paint balling (a bucket-list item I've had for a while and can now cross off), rafting, ceramic-ing, hiking, family-vs-family softball, and the list goes on and on.
The kids had a blast with their cousins and got to meet a bunch of fun kids up there too. It was all centered around family fun. There was a "Frontier Night" where they had a little train, and face painting, and tomahock throwing, and snow cones, and again, I could go on and on.
We played games in our down time and mostly re-bonded as a family. We did miss one family that couldn't make it because they just had a lovely baby, my niece, and the 8th grand-kid Kate. Next time guys, we'll be a complete family!


Liv said...

I'm so glad you had a great time up there. My sister worked there a few summers ago and I was able to visit her on a day off and explore the camp. So beautiful! And I got to bring my daughter, Aspen, with me so it was kind of awesome.

Kristal said...

We are so sad we missed it, but it looks like you guys had a blast! 2015 we'll be there (hopefully)

stephanie said...

I saw these pictures on IG but missed that they were taken at Aspen Grove. So cool! Alicia and I once participated in a BYU freshmen thing there (we were the "counselors" not the freshmen) and I loved it up there! I've always wanted to go back, and that's before knowing all the cool things they have for families. Wow, now I totally want to go back one day.