Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sunday Family - October 13th

Mid October? Seriously? I'm ridiculously unprepared for Halloween and I am remissed to admit that Scott and I have only seen TWO scary movies this month. Blasphemy. And we better get on that before the month blows past us!

The kids have decided on costumes we just have to get them together. Here's a sneak peak at one part of Rob's costume that he now NEVER wants to take off. This kid would look quite dashing is specs I think.
 We've also started decorating for Halloween too. Rob took on the front door and I think he did a nice job. Though all the rain we've been getting lately has kind of drooped the poor monster on our door. He doesn't look nearly as threatening.
 Speaking of rain we had a mini flood in our basement. We caught it before it got too bad but our office is a complete wash. We're going to have to replace the carpet but, hey, we'll paint it and re-do it a bit in the process too so that will be great. In the meantime we relocated to the garage (which is actually a really nice garage) and while its a bit chilling and Scott & I sit literally an inch from each other it's been a bonding experience. We believe STRONGLY in laughing through adversity so that's what we've done!
Also, I chopped my hair off. 7 inches but it really doesn't look/feel like that much but my hair was well below the boob line and getting in my way constantly. I almost hacked it off but slipped in a hair appointment with my fabulous hairdresser just in time. I'm still getting used to it but glad it also feels WORLDS healthier too! It hasn't been this short since right around when I started this blog!
Here's to a more festive week to come! I hope everyone has a great one- go out and do something Halloween-y for me and report back!


Kris said...

A. I love Linc's overalls in the Sunday pic! Where did you get them??
B. Where did you find such awesome glasses for Rob?
C. So sorry about your office!
D. Your hair is hot.

M said...

The shorter hair looks fab! Also love Rob's Halloween monster door.

Good luck with the office remodel. The upgrade is always a silver lining in those situations but it's still a pain in the moment (as I know from my recent kitchen mess). I'm sure with your design touches, it will look fab!

Misty said...

I love the door. So fun!