Sunday, April 20, 2014

SUNDAY FAMILY: April 20, 2014

Happy Easter my Lovely Friends! 

As promised here is another post! I know it's an Easter Miracle!

Let's just talk about this picture here: It's SO us! Linc is perpetually missing a shoe. Like always. No matter the type, size, or how many knots are in it; he looses always ONE. And I don't know what I was thinking with those leggings and Rob's handsome jacket is WAY too small but he insisted that he looked "very handsome". And could you die over Sydney's cute dress? My dad made it for her for Christmas & it kills me every time she wears it! And lastly, that seersucker jacket on Linc with a bowtie that matches Rob's tie. Ah me, I sure do love me this family.

We had a lovely Easter with baskets, a lovely and centering time at church, dying eggs, an egg hunt, & a ham dinner.
Hope everyone had a lovely Easter, remembered why we celebrated it, and spent time with people you love!


Treble Clef ♪ said...

Sydney's dress is adorable!! Seriously, your dad made it?! That is fabulous. I am so glad you are back doing Sunday Family Pictures because I really adore them.

Ashley said...

I LOVE Syd's dress. Looks like I need to start sucking-up to Uncle Buck! And I want your hair.

Unknown said...

It is an Easter Miracle! I miss your blog so much! Looks like you guys had a super fun Easter... and such a great Sunday Family picture!

M said...

It IS an Easter Miracle! Yay for new posts and photos! I missed your blog musings and updates. Happy Easter!