Saturday, April 19, 2014

SUNDAY FAMILY: Catch up February-April

Surprise! Here I am to catch you guys up on our SUNDAY FAMILY PICTURES!

We missed a couple Sundays where as everyone ran in the house after church & I yelled, "Wait! Don't take your clothes off we have to take a Sunday Family Picture first" too late and everyone had already stripped off their clothes & hopped into bed for a nap.

But here are the ones we did catch!

There were a couple sick days for some family members here, as well as a "stormy cloud month" of March for poor Rob (you can see it on the poor fellows face!). But here we are all caught up & more posts to come!


Kristal said...

That 'unknown' comment up there was me... Kristal. I'm sure you guessed that though, because pretty much every time I comment i'm signed in as someone else! I'm so glad you kept taking your Sunday Family pictures even though you haven't been blogging! They are so awesome! Poor Rob, he does look all unhappy and stormy int he top pictures.

Katie said...

Ahhh, Rob's stormy pics remind me of my own dreary winter.