Thursday, September 4, 2008

Did it become FALL overnight?

Yesterday at the store I noticed this...49 cents a lb for the staples of summer & fall: watermelons & pumpkins! Made me smile.

It seemed like while we were gone to Idaho "camping" fall came September 1st. Now it's all chilly at night, cool in the morning. I was also reading this blog & saw that she mentioned things she loves about fall. Here's a lil' list of my own:
1. Halloween
2. sweaters
3. not sweating ALL day
4. Thanksgiving
5. pumpkin pie
6. changing leaves


Katie said...

I felt to me that fall came creeping in while I was in the hospital. I am so excited! It's no longer muggy, the grass is green, and I am starting to think about Halloween costumes.

EriKa said...

i am digging the family color coordinated and everything! Man, I think that I should do something like that...but the task seems way too clean, happy, and coordinated....not happneing easily for us...arghhh~

Linda, Mom and Granny said...

I'm loving the begining of fall in Charlotte, but Blythe is still in the hundreds (as 108 degrees). I hope it cools down before I go home. Yeah, right...

Esther Noelle said...

Hurray for fall! Can't wait to celebrate!