Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nightmare Dentist Appointment

Here is Rob following his dentist appointment...Does he look like he wants to cut me? Yeah, that's because he did.

Not for the dentist himself (that part was fast & very good) but because I wouldn't let him run all over creation screaming. Oh gosh, I swear now, in front of these witnesses, that I will NEVER take both my children to the dentist without a 2nd adult. They did get a free meal at Del Taco & clean teeth.


Esther Noelle said...

Ahhhh! Oh no he does look so upset! Poor guy!!!! And yes, next time call me and I will keep your other child. :)

Ashley said...

I won't even take my child before they are 2! Rae didn't go to the dentist till she was almost four! I know, they are supposed to go sooner but I don't even want to try!

Robert said...

try to take 4 at the same time. It took a week to recover from post tramatic syndrome