Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sexy Halloween Costume

We just got this advertisement in the mail for a costume shop & I was browsing for ideas when I came across this..Alright, while I find scandalous nurses, maids, or flight attendants mildly understandable I'm a little confused about how Marie Antoinette got looped in with "sexy characters". Remember how that story ENDS? I don't know... it just seems like wearing a sexy Hester Prynn (from the Scarlett Letter) costume. It's just me, isn't it?

Now if you wore that costume with a bloody slash across your neck... that would be COOL!


Esther Noelle said...

Ahhh! A bloody slash across your neck!!!

Maybe it's that new movie about her with Kirsten Dunst? Not NEW but you know... but I agree with you - kind of weird!

brooke said...

it is a pretty wierd costume, but its kind of sexy I guess.
I know I could never pull it off.

Malea said...

Liv, don't you know, all costumes they sell for women these days are "sexy." Sexy Velma from Scuby Doo, sexy firefighter, sexy Joan of Arc. It's out of control. Sad to see Marie Antoinette is the latest casualty. This year, I'm thinking about being a sexy Hillary Clinton! Ha!

danielle said...

Is that a sexy mini mouse above her?? Crazy. I am trying to be annoyed by sexy costumes, but let's be honest...if I had the body, I may be tempted;)

Robert said...

I think I could be the cowboy with the hat and chaps..not too bad.

James said...

Kilts always work for me!

And yes, put a bloody gash on your neck and Marie works just fine for Halloween. Draw it most of the way across and you can hang out with Nearly Headless Nick!