Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Time Catch-Up

Since I didn't get to post about Christmas as it was happening, here is my EPIC POST OF CHRISTMAS 2009!

Very picture heavy peeps so get on board!

1) Early Christmas with my mom

The kids enjoyed helping with her tree & one of their favorite gifts is the little backpacks I helped my mom pick out for them (seriously the go everywhere with these suckers. I have to pry them off their backs)

2) Visiting the Temple Square lights

It's such a lovely & peaceful place. It really brings Christmas back into perspective. If you haven't gone, put it on your list for next year. It's amazing. (last years visit here)

3) Mini-Carter Family Christmas Party

After having a HORRIFICALLY stressful week of packing, moving, cranky kids, & Christmas shopping we were pretty much done. So, the kids & I threw a surprise mini-Carter Christmas party for Scott.

We decorated & brought home take-out. No better way to celebrate the holidays than with sushi (& 7 layer dip).

4) Christmas with the Carter family in Paradise is full of traditions.

We carol to neighbors, sit on the stairs singing waiting to open our presents (Matt & Kristal are in China but joined us via Skype), & enjoy all manor of goofiness.

We wear matchy PJ's & relax a lot.

We also all have homemade Christmas stockings (mine has Scotty dogs on it- get it "Scott"y dogs).

5) We drove up to a cute little town halfway between Paradise, CA & Portland, OR and visited with my dad & Mike.

I hope everyone had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

P.S. Christmas 2007 & Christmas 2008


Katie said...

I'm glad you got to create such good memories amid all the stress of moving. Looks lovely.

Christie said...

We have that green and white wrapping paper, too!

April Carter said...

It was a wonderful christmas, but much too short. We love you all

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Looks like a fun, busy, wonderful holiday!

Kristal said...

Hurray for a fun Christmas!!! And hurray for Skype!