Friday, July 2, 2010

ECLIPSE: the movie

I can't even tell you how much I love midnight releases. Eclipse did not disappoint & it was a great way to kick of my birthday too!

We started off at Chilli's consuming copious amounts of Diet Coke so we could stay awake for the movie (and yes, that's me in a crazy birthday hat)

Once we got inside we did our giveaways (books, CDs, DVDs, candy, etc) & trivia, then enjoyed the movie.

THE MOVIE: I mean, it's Twilight, so you are gonna have the "CHEESE factor" turned on high, but ah, I love the cheese in this form. It's like that nacho cheese. Smooth & spicy. (yes, that makes no sense)

1. This movie actually made me waver on my Team Jacob-ness. (can't put my finger on why yet)
2. Edward wasn't nearly as creepy jealous in this movie as he was in the book, but it was controlling enough to creep-fest me out.
3. Loved the "Does this guy own a shirt?" line because the naked chest-ness seemed more excessive placed this movie (just me?)
4. Loved Bellas monologue at the end. Really, her motives were WAY better than the book.
5. Bella's wig bugged me a good chunk of the movie.

Okay, guys, what'd you think? Give me your reviews!

P.S. Past Twilight movie fun here & here.


Rachel+Co said...

So, I just went and saw the movie last night...and I totally liked it. (With the exception of any scene with Robert Pattison, which I guess includes a large portion of the movie. I can't control my feelings; he just makes me feel sick. He is so nasty).

Overall, I was really surprised and happy. I thought it was great and I personally really enjoyed all the kissing scenes the best.

Autumn said...

I saw it last night and I have some thoughts:
1. Favorite one so far, it is my favorite book of the series but the acting and directing were just better.
2. Bella's hair (the wig) was good for me but Edward's hair was awful. I LOVED it in the other movies and this time it was too curly or something.
3. Edward looked like he had gained weight, it a good way.
4. Edward was happier. A lot more like the Edward from the book for me.
5. COMPLETELY agree about the Bella monologue. There were a few changes that made Bella seem less annoying I thought.
6. The only thing I really missed from the book was when she actually cries over Jacob. In the book she's REALLY depressed about everything and in the movie she didn't even shed a single tear!

Anelieze + Franco Castrejon said...

haha, totally creepy. but like i mentioned, the jealousy was played out pretty well~ esp after the bella/jacob kiss and edward didn't even flinch. that's true love :) oh, and i can't wait to watch the "tent scene" again! so intensely hilarious & cheesy ;)


Susan said...

I agree on pretty much all of what you said. Her wig was awful this time... but I thought her face was prettier in this one.

Edward is the one and only. I have never ever wavered to the dog side. :) However, I don't HATE Jacob's character as much in the movies... but I still think he's a wanker.

I never really picked up on the creepy vibe you talk about with Edward... I really always liked his character.

In this movie, I liked him even more. I have always loved his gentlemanly ways and old fashioned take on things. I think it is sweet and endearing.

Can I just add to your list and say that Jasper was driving me crazy?! Half the time he looked and talked constipated, and then out of nowhere started with the Southern drawl... Debbie and I were laughing pretty hard.

I agree that the shirt off stuff was lame in this movie, but I remember from the books he was basically naked year round, so it was kind of true to the book.

I actually loved how Edward was struggling with "Does Bella love me enough?" I seem to remember him dealing with all of this from the book too... I could be wrong. But, I love how he let her do what she needed to do. I think it can be misinterpreted as stalker-like or creepy because he's super protective because he loves her so much... I don't know.

Maybe I should copy and paste this comment on to my blog for my own review. Sorry it's so long! ha ha.

Susan said...

Also, to add to my enormous comment, I thought it was hilarious when Jacob finds out they are engaged, and he starts to leave and Bella's calling after him, and then says, "Jake! Stay!" ha ha. Totally like you would command a dog. I am not sure if it was intentional, but it made me laugh out loud.

Esther Noelle said...

Did Susan really say "wanker?" ;)

Loved the, "I AM hotter than you" line from Jake... cried when Bella and Jacob were talking at the end... it was so sad! Ahh... I really liked it! Can't wait to see it again! I loved that Taba yelled, "hubba hubba" at Jacob with his shirt off... ha ha...

Anonymous said...

I loved it. It's my favorite thus far. I read that Bella was being a diva on set because she thought her wig looked bad. She was right!

My favorite line... "Let's face it. I'm hotter than you."

The proposal scene made me teary. The tent scene was so great.

What else? Everyone did such a great job. The acting and script were so much better.

Sarah said...

I went to this movie today and I have to say I loved your "nacho cheese" description of it. That articulates my feelings very well.

I thought the "shirtless" comment was funny too. It made me laugh the hardest.

The thing that always stands out to me when I watch these movies is how much I think Edward looks like a clown...his face is painted white (with dark red lips) and he sparkles. I get over it after a while, but it still catches me off guard in the beginning of each movie. Am I the only girl that thinks he looks kind of weird?

Joan said...

I feel like the biggest Twilight fan fraud b/c I have not posted my own review of Eclipse.
--The Jacob/Bella kiss was perfect but it could have been a touch more intense. What I mean more specifically is that I wish when Jake walked up to Bella to kiss her that he wouldn't have stopped before he kissed her but would have swept her up more fiercely.
--Was bothered (as others were) that Bella seemed nonchalant about leaving Jacob on his death bed without a single tear.
--LOOOVVED Edward's speech about waiting to be married before having sex. We need more of that in movies today. Ps: can you say WOWZAS about the Edward/Bella make-out on the gold rose-bud bed?! Pretty intense.
--Laughed out loud about how Rosalie said she was a bit "theatrical" back then (when she killed her fiance in her wedding dress).
--Suprisingly didn't love Dakota in this one as much as I thought I would.
--Riley was PERFECTLY cast. Super hot, fierce/scary, and awesome acting.
--the scene where Jacob and Bella come out of the house to talk to Edward to talk about the unknown intruder..I cannot stand Edward's hair, facial expression, and how his eyes matched his black shirt. He looked SO bad in that scene.
--THOROUGHLY enjoyed Edward getting in Jake's face about him kissing Bella. It was SO refreshing to see Edward show fiery emotion.
Okay...I'm shutting up now. This list could go on and on and on :)

Em and Russ said...

I loved it and I had a great time with! It is so fun to go to midnight showings with other people that are just as crazy (if not crazier) than myself! Hope I can be there for the next one with you.

Trixie and Tess said...

LOVED the movie. My fav so far. Eclipse was my favorite in the Saga, and I was pretty sure the movie would be the same...and it was! I agree that Bella's wig was a bit annoying. It reached it's peak in the clearing scene, where they all gathered for Jasper to train them to fight the newborns. It was something about the wig being pulled back. No bueno.

Loved your Eclipse pics!! Midnight releases are my favorite too!!