Thursday, July 1, 2010


Oh man, I'm sorry- my life got OUT OF CONTROL (ie: leaving town, out-of-town guests, Eclipse, birthday, & my hard-drive failing) but I'm here to announce the winner.

And as penitence & because it was just my birthday I'm also giving away an extra last years "La Push" shirt to another winner.

So, the winner of the ECLIPSE shirt is HOLLY & the LA PUSH shirt is AUTUMN:

Girls, email me with your address & I'll send these along!

Thanks everyone for playing along & adding a couple new followers. I've got lots to post in the next few days!


Olivia Carter said...

And of course I spelled Autumn wrong. Doh!

Autumn said...

Yay I won!! Don't worry about misspelling my name sometimes MY DAD still leaves off the N haha.

Katie said...


Hope you are recovering from a crazy week Olivia.

Esther Noelle said...

Wait wait wait, you have extra La Push shirts???? And you're giving it away? Just kidding... seriously though we need to just buy more of those tshirts they are so amazing.

Holly said...

WooHoo! I never win anything! I'll email you my address asap!