Monday, November 29, 2010

REVIEW: Aquire, Power Grid, & Colosseum

When visiting the Carters, one of the parts I most look forward to is the game playing. You all know my affection for games (here, here, & here).

This Thanksgiving break we enjoyed 3 new games of varying stress levels: Aquire, Power Grid, & Colosseum

LOW STRESS: The premise of Colosseum sounded a bit lame to me (you have to put together the best ancient Roman play to draw the most spectators) but it ended up being a really strategic but laid back & lively too.

MEDIUM STRESS: Aquire is a really simple game to learn to play but it does have a lot of strategy & competition. You are basically a real estate tycoon buying up properties & then trying to retain majority stock in each place.

HIGH STRESS: Power Grid is a high stress game. I love these type too, but it is much more involved & a way longer game. It involved buying power plants to power cities & connecting them all.

Has anyone out there played these games?
Any MUST PLAY ones that you guys love?

P.S. if you really want the conosurs of games like these you've gotta talk to my sis&bro-in-law Matt & Kristal. They know them all!


Mandi said...

We've played Power Grid - it's a really fun game. We also really like Pandemic, a cooperative game where you try to save the world by curing disease, and Dominion, which I don't know if I can really explain, but it's super fun.

émilie b said...

We acquired one semi-recently that is about trains, named "Ticket to Ride". It's just complicated enough, yet simple enough, but really fun to play with a group of friends. An hour-long game.

Basically, you get destinations cards, and you have a build a train to connect 2 cities, but each player has coloured trains, and you need to build your train before someone else takes those tracks. The gameboard is North America, and the playing pieces are fun.

monica said...

the power grid game is very similar to Ticket to Ride, look wise. they must be the same maker. and its sorta a similar game...have you played it? i love that game.

Princess Mommy said...

We play Acquire all the time at my in-laws! My father in law and my father both love it! Im not much of a fan, because it doesnt allow much socializing during game play, but its alright. If you like Scrabble, you should try BananaGrams, with is a fast paced, Scrabble-type game. Very fun and easy to learn!

Holly said...

I've played Acquire, and i agree that Power Grid looks just like Ticket to Ride. If you love those, you should try Carcasonne, it's another fun one.

April Carter said...

But their favorite game is...torture my mother!