Friday, February 25, 2011

Artist Berto Carter

I know everyone thinks their babies are geniuses, but last night I caught Rob out of bed drawing with a set of dry-erase markers.

And I'm just in love with this picture. The way the middle guys nose is straight on but the guy on the right has a sideways nose. The shading. The ears. Very Picasso.

And the coolest thing was that he knew just what he was drawing. He told me: "It's three guys. One guy has a hook hand, one has a beard, & one has scary teeth."

P.S. Here's another one of Rob's lovely paintings.


Katie said...

He really is a young artist! I love it.

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful. Rather than stick figures he's thinking of spaces and textures and layering. It's amazing at his age. Definitely an artist who needs support and encouragement, the things all artists need the most and that they rarely get.

April Carter said...

All they need is a frame and you could sell them for millions.