Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Emerson Made E.M. Gold Coin Necklaces

I'm not a big jewelry person. I didn't wear a ring until I got engaged, I got my ears pierced after I was married, & most necklaces are just too much for me.

But these lovely Emerson Made coin necklaces are just so elegant.

I love the images & messages on each. And that they are little simple reminders that only you know what they mean since they are Latin.

My favorite is the balloon with the message: "Animum Debes Mutare Non Caelum" / "Change your state of mind, not the sky" (I love the lion & monarch too).

This is SO going on my birthday wishlist.


Esther Noelle said...

Oooo very cute... like it!

qui moi? said...

oh how funny, i was JUST looking at these and drooling over them...and come to find you are drooling over them too. funny.

Katie said...

I'm not much of a jewelry person either, and I love them!

Smithy said...

super cute! I'm not a big gold person, but would definitely wear these!

Blogger said...

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