Friday, March 4, 2011

Soda Xanadu

As of late, I've cut down my soda intake significantly. BUT we all know I am a lover of soda: drive through soda, free all-you-can-drink soda, & excessively caffeinated soda.

So, I thought I'd share one of my favorite soda locations- good ol' Maverick in Orem:

Just look at the plethora of choices:

20 choices, 4 flavor shots, 2 different types of ice! (yes, I'm serious cubed or crushed)

I know, it really is xanadu!


Esther Noelle said...

Thanks miss for picking up our drinks today. :) I have to say, yesterday this Maverik was OUT of fountain soda! Akk! Yeah the guy was like, "you can get ice and a 2 liter?" I was like, "That's ok... I'll go to Holiday." AND I DID. And if you think the Maverik is good you should check Holiday out too! They have tons of choices AND at least four different types of STRAWS (I like Skinny Tall ones) AND fresh sliced lemons and limes to drop into your drinks! Crushed and cubed ice as well... anyways it's good... the one on 1600 north & 1200 west. :)

Lavelle said...

Okay - Oh my goodness you girls take your soda drinking seriously!!
I'm very impressed - have never, ever (and I mean EVER) seen anything as impressive as this soda machine.....mental note not to show hubby!!!!

Katie said...

WOW! Chad would love this.

Ashley said...

I love it when you can get some extra flavors and crushed ice. That's what I love about Sonic, but they put WAY too much ice. And what the heck are those refill prices?? Can you really get a gallon of soda for 2 bucks??

lindsey said...

apparently our Pei Wei now has a soda machine where there is just one nossle and you select drink type (with many choices) and then one of several flavor shots which is added in the perfect amount depending on the size of your drink.. i haven't been there (and probably won't go any time soon- way too crowded) but it sounds nifty.

Michelle said...

I miss Maverik so much for that very reason!