Thursday, January 5, 2012

Healthy Stuff

I adore my kids art.
I know, every mama probably feels that way.
But my childrens pictures are exceptionally neat.
See here & here.

Syd just showed me this most recent masterpiece.
She's said it's her drawing of "healthy stuff".
"There are only two unhealthy things," she explained.
"Lava & fire. They definitely aren't healthy."

Moral of the story:
To be healthy, eat those pears & steer clear of lava.


Anonymous said...

I love this! I need to share some of Little Man's art. He's quite creative.

M said...

Dang! I was going to have lava for lunch today!

M said...

Does this mean that the zombie diet of brains is considered healthy? Just curious.

April Carter said...

HMMM! Fire can be healthy...but I agree...lava is just scary.