Monday, August 13, 2012

The Luckiest Mama Alive

Today was one of "those" days. (And, yes, this makes two days in a row).

I wanted to catch up on sleep, so I took a sleeping pill & woke up feeling like a zombie (never doing that again). And, of course, my "zombie day" also coincided the day ALL small Carter children pushed every boundary & rule ever made by Mama.

But despite "those" days, I love these kids. They are fantastic human beings, no thanks to me & all thanks to their innate radness.

Just look at them how could I not forgive all manner of madness?

Here are a couple examples of the totally awesome conversations I get to have all day long:

SYD: "Look, Mama, a school of birds!"
ME: "Yeah, that's way cool. But did you know a group of birds like that is actually called a flock? Different animals have different names for their groups."
SYD: "Really?"
ME: "Yup."
SYD: "Fine then, what's the name for a group of lions?"
ME: "A pride."
SYD: "You're tricking me. That's what the marriage person is."
ME: ...
ME: "Ha! That's a BRIDE."

ROB: "I'm a band-aid monster."
ME: "What's that?"
ROB: "It's a monster all covered in band-aids."
ME: "Eeek! That's totally scary & grossy, Rob!"
ROB: "I know, right? But you know what you'll think is even grosser, Mama?"
ME: "Oh no... what?"
ROB: "A chewed gum monster."
(Note: Chewed gum is like a serious phobia of mine. Dry heaving. Eyes rolling back in my head. Horror. My kids know me well.)

So, here's fingers crossed to not too much or too little sleep & angel children tomorrow.
If neither happens then straight jackets for the whole family is an option.


M said...

I love your kids' comments and your awesome perspective. What a wonderful, imaginative childhood you are giving them!

Kristal said...

Haha, his monster totally made me think of this alley we saw in San Louis Obispo... totally covered in chewed up gum.

I hope they are better for you today too!

Treble Clef ♪ said...

Sleep...what's that? Ah, motherhood.

Esther Noelle said...

Bah ha ha! Oh kids! Hope you get a break soon!

Anonymous said...

Sleep is so overrated, yo.

Em and Russ said...

You can always send them up to see Auntie Em for a while so you can get some rest :) I love those kids and Linc is changing so much! It is so fun to watch him grow.

Smithy said...


i need to see those crazies again soon

April Carter said...

You are so good to record their conversations. I wish I had done that with their dad....cause he always said the most random things. I would love to read them now.