Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Meeting Maggie Stievfater

The first book I read from Maggie Stievfater was Shiver when it first came out. It was poetic, fast paced, but slow in all the right spots, & it had a really different sort of male lead (read: sensitive, emotional, artsy, kindhearted) than a lot of books I had read recently (even though my heart still belongs to the damaged boy with a heart-of-gold shtick). 

Since then I finished that series , read the amazing book The Scorpio Races about "water horses" (& by the cover or the back blurb I would have never read without a good recommendation) & I am so glad I did. And then most recently, The Raven Boys (& you can read my love for it on my post here). Every single one of her books is really different from each other. You would think a different author HAD to have written them. So, they may not ALL be for you. I know a lot of didn't fancy Shiver but loved Scorpio Races, etc. But you will likely enjoy one of her books.
So, when I found out that she was coming to SLC I new I had to be there. And, boy, I was not disappointed. She was hilarious, kind, humble but not too humble, & so down-to-earth. I hope it's not a rule that all authors must be able to preform so aptly in front of people or be so witty/charming or I'm screwed.
Get thee forth, friends & read some of her books. Like I said, each book is really different so there is something for everyone & they are all astounding in their own ways.

Has anyone read any of her books? 
Which ones did you love or not so much love?

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Jenni Elyse said...

I'm glad you go to go! :)