Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunday Family- October 14th

Happy 1/2 Way Through October (& I still haven't seen any scary movies yet)

We had a mad, crazy week! I mean, up to my eyeballs in madness but it was fun. To sum it up, I had a book signing, lunch with my Nana in from Colorado, a lovely dinner at an Indian restaurant with a lovely friend, and another friend in the hospital who I worried over all week, a short road trip, & a carnival. And, phew, I am tired.

Toward the end of the week the kids & I meet up with my dad in Boise (a 1/2 point for us) & had a whirlwind visit! The highlight was a visit to a corn maze & spending a lovely morning at the downtown farmers market. Mostly it was great to see family & get away for a bit.
To cap off the week we went to Scott's big work party. They had this over-the-top carnival & this huge crazy motor cross/motor rodeo/madness, and then, of course, some fireworks. So, yes it was fun. And yes we were pooped out afterward.
This next week is significantly less stressful aside from making Halloween costumes and general school/life stuff. And my house is in dire need of a deep clean.
What about you guys this week?
 Tell me about your adventures planned for this week so I can live vicariously while I am scrubbing floors & doing piles of laundry. 

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Kristie said...

So that was the big noise in my city. We loved watching the fireworks.
Love visiting with family. For me it usually happens at an almost most impractical time. But it is so worth it. Family time is the best!

Marlena said...

looks like so much fun!!

Esther Noelle said...

Um, how cool is Syd with that scarf on? Cooler than me. Glad you were able to hang out with your pops!