Friday, October 12, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2 SHIRTS!

Alright guys, Breaking Dawn Part Duex shirts are designed!

Remember I like my Twilight references nice & vague (no "I heart sparkley Ed" or whatnot). And let's all be honest with ourselves here, considering how much happens, really not much happens in the second half of Breaking Dawn. It made it monumentally hard to pull something out to make a shirt for it.

But I finally fell upon "J. Jenk Attorney at Law" the lawyer who helps Bella get documents for Renessme & Jacob to escape from the Volutri. J. Jenk's is even in the movie (he's played by Wendell Pierce).

So, without further ado here is Breaking Dawn 2 shirt:

(this is just a quick print I made on a random shirt I had at home. The actualy shirts 
will be made with a  bright white ink print like the other ones we've done 
on a heathered charcoal gray shirt)

This shirts are REALLY cute, long, soft but not too thin, & fit really well but they run small. This has been a problem for people in the past so just a fair warning they run small. Order atleast one size larger than you usually wear & if you are in doubt here is the sizing chart:

Alright, if anyone is interested in ordering shirts this year they are $14 a piece like last year and if they need to be shipped it's $3 for the first shirt & then .50 cents for additional shirt . Just shoot me an email at & I'll send along my PayPal information or my address to send a check- I need your check or PayPal payment by Novemeber 1st !
Check out our past movie excitment & shirts here: Breaking Dawn part 1, Eclipse, New Moon, & Twilight!

P.S. I'm also going to put them on my Etsy shop (but they will be a little more pricey there because of Etsy fees etc) but you can use a credit card or PayPal over there if you'd rather.


Anonymous said...

Love them!!! I'll be ordering ours on the 19th. I can't believe it's the last of the movies and shirts. Thank you so much for designing these every year. These are our favorite t-shirts, and we always get so many compliments at the theater!

Smithy said...

exciting! These are the shirts that you should order one size up, correct? I know the bones and I want one.. i'll follow up on other SLC peeps

love2dream said...

Fantastic! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Are you/can you put some of the old Twilight shirts up on Etsy too? If so, I plan to pick a couple of those up when I place our order next week. One of mine has a stain and I'm really said that I don't have a La Push one. ;)

Anonymous said...


Em and Russ said...

I LOVE all of my shirts! They seriously are my favorite!!! Remember when we both wore our Cliff diving shirts while hiking Angel's Landing and that guy thought we were really on the La Push Cliff diving team? Can't wait for my next shirt!!!!

Eva Lavelle said...

Oh - this I would absolutely love, love love!!!

Is there any chance you would send internationally....happy to pay whatever extra postage you may incur? And can pay by paypal so please let me know :)

Kristal said...

so glad you decided to go with these, I really love them!

Malea said...

Sooooooooo cute! I didn't even think of J. Jenks. You are so clever.

Marlena said...

love the design!! you are the very best at coming up with awesome shirt's. I can't believe how far they have come since the very first Twilight shirt! I think I wore that thing until every last detail peeled off!! haha

Esther Noelle said...

Look at all these comments, come on orders! ;) Woot. The shirt rocks. AS usual. Like you.