Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year 2013

For Chinese New Year, I thought we'd have a little celebration (we all know China has a soft spot in my heart). We are lucky we had the table settings that my lovely in-laws brought back from their trip to China & the cute Panda Bears are Syd & Rob's from their trip too. Also, they brought back those cute kids chopsticks (form Thailand- yes, they are well traveled people).

I made up some very American-ish Chinese food (but one dish had some spice- we know how I love my Chinese spice too) & also warmed up frozen egg rolls too. Plus, The Schmitt's come over for dinner nearly every Sunday so we got to share our awesome feat. And we capped the night off with reading everyone's Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs.
All in all it was a fabulous night- any excuse to have themed food & a mini-party the Carter's are always down!
P.S. It's been a while since our last Chinese New Year celebration- circa 2009.


M said...

Looks like fun! Gorgeous placemats and runner!

Jill said...

I love finding any reason to put a little celebration together. Yours looks fun!