Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Family: Feb 17th

Hi guys, can we all just admire how my children look like they are in a sales ad for scriptures?  Such goof balls, but they are cute littles and just look at how HUGE Linc is getting. It blows my mind.

Speaking of big babies, Linc's gonna be ONE on Tuesday. We're having his little party on Saturday but I'm pretty sure I'll mostly shower him with love for a week like we tend to do in the Carter Familia.

And we pretty much spent this weekend doing lots of cleaning & projects (one that I'll post about in this upcoming week!) Of course all it took was one day of having everyone home and enjoying a day of "rest" and the house it a complete disaster. Again. Ah well, c'est la vie.
I hope everyone is defrosting from this endless winter and having a great February! Have a great week and look forward to lots of Linc cute pictures this week- this kid is growing like a weed!

P.S. There are some new candle holders listed up on the Etsy shop!


stephanie said...

Syd and Rob: so spiritual

Jill said...

Your family looks very happy and healthy. You're blessed.

April Carter said...

WAit...are those Scott legs with the vacumm? We should blow this up and put it in a shrine.