Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunday Family- Aug 25th

 Happy Sunday, friends!

Phew! What a week we've had! I swear I was SURE that once school started I was going to have ALL this free time. Alas, it has not happened. We've been busy, busy, busy week. Lots of great opportunities to serve friends and neighbors the past bit and, best of all, I get to hang with this little man:
The other big news this week is that Rob started flag football. This is big for him both because he needs to get his crazy amount of energy out and get himself out there. It was the first year they've had football offered so I thought that all the other kids would know nothing, like Rob. But no, when we showed up these kids were already crazy good, with their own gloves for catching and knew all these football terms.
Poor Rob didn't even know how to throw a football so after the first practice we went out & practiced. This weekend is his first game- send him good football-y thoughts!

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Misty said...

Dain's playing tackle football for the first time. It's hardcore and pretty much our life right now.

Good luck, Rob!