Monday, September 2, 2013

Sunday Family- September 1st

Hello September (which snuck up on me MUCH TOO quickly)

So, as you can tell from this Sunday Family picture it was one of those rough/trough/terrible Sundays that happen now and then. Also, it was Fast Sunday & while the littles didn't fast they must picked up on how "hangry" (angry feeling which stem from hunger) the adults were because it was quite a first-half-of-Sunday for the Carter Clan . Better luck next time, I always say! (And I don't know what I'm wearing- sometimes I scold Scott when we get to church "Why didn't you say something about what I'm wearing- I look terrible!" to which he just shrugs because to him my sweat pants & old t-shirt are the same as my best, dressiest outfit. To which I say, Bless his soul & I am so grateful he doesn't care!).

 This past week went by in a blur of I don't even know what, but the kids are getting back into the swing of school and homework, Linc & I are having fun with our one-on-one time, & Rob has been trudging painfully through football.

Also, there are some new goodies up on my Etsy shop. Just some random fun stuff and within the next week I'll be posting a couple Halloween goodies up there too! Hooray for Fall!


Kristal said...

Love the new stuff! Sorry everyone was hangry... we had a bit of that taking pictures after Kates blessing, which we missed you guys at! Hope this week is fantastic, and I like your outfit :)

Smithy said...

Poor Rob. Football? I see him as more of a lacrosse or soccer player.

Maria said...

I thought I was the only one with a son trudging through football. We tried flag football (for K-2nd grade) and these kids are like semi pro. My son is NOT. Like we watch a game on tv sometimes and throw a football around the yard sometimes. I didn't get the memo that "beginner" football was actually extremely skilled kids that could beat me. Uhhhh, my poor little guy. Good luck to you guys through the rest of the season!