Thursday, May 6, 2010

Inspirational Board

This is the board that hangs above my desk, it gives a little insight into my cluttered mind:

1. One of my favorite artists Chagall (we have my fav up in our house)
2. A ticket stub to a Ben Harper concert I went to with Es
3. Newspaper heart from this fun day
4. Our family Christmas picture
5. Button a friend made for the book signing of The Dark Divine
6. Button from the Breaking Dawn midnight book release
7. Our pictures from Rob's birth announcement
8. Gnome car airfreshner
9. Scott's graduation (one of my happiest days ever) announcement picture
10. Favorite picture I took in China or the Li River
11. Underwater pic when Scott & I were dating
12. Nothing gives me more inspiration than my beliefs
13. My sweet babies
14. High school pic of all the LBG's (Linds, Es, Smithy, & Lay)


Kristal said...

Woot, three posts! My life is always complete when I have some gnome sweet gnome to read!

I used to have a board like that, but I haven't had a big enough space to hang one lately, and I miss it! it's just so nice to be able to just look up and feel a little reminiscent!

M said...

I love it!

The front of my fridge is similarly cluttered with photos and memorabilia. It's a great expression of who you are.

Susan said...

So much to comment on, but my favorite might just be #10 and 11.

Esther Noelle said...

You can tell just from this board that you have so much going for you in your life and so much love and joy! That sounds cheesy but I mean it... love it.